Information is available all over the internet; What matters is whether one can comprehend it into knowledge

Deep Mehta

We, at byteiota strive to provide blogs that have a strong quality, legitimate and verified information, easy to understand and enjoyable to read. Each of our blog is possible because of all our dedicated readers that enables our authors to write blogs with determination. We highly believe in quality posts which although restricts us on the domains, allows us to provide the best content for the topics we cover. From Tutorials to Applications, we try to cover as much as possible without compromising on the quality mark that byteiota has established.

Byteiota was founded by Deep Mehta and Mithil Jain, two students who became friends during their undergraduate and continued to be teammates in numerous hackathons and projects. One thing they had in common: the fire within them to build something on their own; combined with long brainstorming nights, scraping numerous ideas, research and learning sessions allowed to finally establish this platform, byteiota. Although their domains do not align, their passion towards blogging allows byteiota to achieve what it aims at: A platform for readers with technology in blood providing high standard blogs that are loved by the readers.

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